Make Life Easy With An Astrology Reading

Use your time of birth to find things like what cities treat you best, and how to fix where you keep stumbling in life.

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Astrocartography Review


This was a terrific reading, thank you for all your hard work! You can tell that this seller has a lot of experience with the topic and the reading was very thorough. Would definitely work with him again 🙂

How Each Order Works

Step 1: Birth Time

You can keep your name anonymous, (checkout never asks for your name) but the first step is to know your time of birth.

Step 2: Get A Recording

Each order will receive an astrology recording via download link on the type of reading you chose.

Step 3: Confidence

Every reading will give you confidence, insight and direction on what you wanted to know to grow to the next level.

Readings & Benefits



age of aquarius

About The Astrologer

I’ve been reading about Astrology and the different types that come with it such as Vedic, Western, and others. I found astrology to be accurate with personality readings and relocation. 

Western Astrology

My interpretations go by Western astrology (Not Tropical or Siddreal Vedic Astrology).

Good Judgement

I give my own interpretation on your reading, as astrology should be.

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